PoD Discovery(s) Welcome

Join us for two days of brainstorms, fireside chats, and live podcasts. PoD Discovery(s) is a summit focused on innovation risk-takers, and the use of frontier tech to take podcasts into the future.

PoD Discovery(s) kicks off 5 through 8 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2019, at NOVEL Coworking 151 West Fourth Street Cincinnati, OH.

You'll need a guide to help interact with the marketers, media pros, and podpreneurs. Luckily, we have Cincinnati Podcast Festival Co-founder and Squirrel Stories Founder Sean C. Davis as our festival master of ceremonies.

Date / Time

Tuesday - 6:00 PM

Tickets Available

Gain new ideas, insights, and inspiration from podcast thought leaders from Greater Cincinnati and beyond. You’ll leave inspired.

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